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Why I Might Need To Rewire My House

People usually don’t see the need to rewire their house especially when all their Electrical Contractor appliances are working perfectly. If you are one of them, here are some statistics for
you. Before reading the article further, just bear in mind that it outlines why I might
need to rewire my house.

According to a reliable report, the U.S fire departments receive calls for almost 26,000
home electric fires annually. This kind of fire causes about 280 deaths and 1,100
injuries every year. Here is the most worrisome of them all, home electric fires cause an
estimated $1.1 billion property loss annually.

Now, you are already seeing why I might need to rewire my house. You also need to
understand that more than 35 percent of home electric fires involve interior wiring,
receptacles, and outlets. The best way to prevent a home electric fire in your home is to
constantly inspect your wiring system.

The high number of home electric fires is enough to tell you why I might need to
rewire my house. Here are the warning signs.

Frequently tripping off of circuit breakers

When your circuit breaker trips off frequently, there may be a problem with your
wiring system. You should get it inspected as soon as possible. It is also applicable to
the frequent blowing of fuses.

Over-fused electrical panel

If you come across any electrical panel that has been over-used or over-amped, you
might need to rewire your house. This could lead to a fire. What makes home electric fire
dangerous is that it could start when you are not at home.

Flickering or dimming of lights

When your lights begin to flicker or dim out on their own, a particular circuit may be
overloaded. Another possible cause is a loose circuit connection. Either way, you
should get it inspected and possibly rewired.

Electrical Contractor

When you encounter any Electrical Contractor shock while plugging an appliance into an outlet, it
means something is wrong. In fact, this one is the most dangerous of the signs,

especially when you have toddlers at home. In some cases, outlets may spark when you
try to connect a plug to any of them. This is another sign you can’t just ignore.

Miscellaneous signs

There are other miscellaneous signs like a burning smell, buzzing sounds and frequent
burnouts of light bulbs. They are all signs that your electrical system may not be in
perfect condition.

Once you notice any of the signs above, you should call a certified electrician. You
might need to rewire your house. Never ever try your do-it-yourself skills with
electrical wiring! It is suicidal. It is very dangerous as a wrong connection could lead to
a big fire. For more information contact us.

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