Residential Electrical Services

The Various List Of Electrical Services

There is a lot of services offered by Electrical Service. Although these services cover
a wide range of areas, you can classify them with ease. These services cover
commercial, residential, and industrial areas. Here is a list of electrical services offered
by most electrical contractors.

Electrical Service

Residential services

Residential electrical services cover all electrical works performed in residential areas.
It involves the repair and maintenance of electrical equipment in your home.
Residential electrical services cover electrical improvement services, diagnosis as well
as repair services. More so, it involves the inspection and testing of electrical
equipment in your home. Here, professional electricians perform upgrade and
installation services in your home.

Inspection and testing of equipment top the list of electrical services in your home.
Professionals inspect and test electrical equipment to ensure their smooth and efficient
operation. Inspection and testing services are carried out to avoid disrupting your daily
routines. Thus, this service helps to certify your equipment fit for use.

Examples of the residential list of electrical services include:

  • Diagnosis, repair, and maintenance
  • Inspection and testing
  • Oil change and annual transformer test
  • Upgrade and installation service
  • These services help to sustain power supply and fault-free electrical equipment in your

Commercial Services

This involves a commercial electrician taking care of your business electrical needs.
This demands a better expertise far above that required for residential electrical
services. This service involves the repair and maintenance of electrical equipment in
commercial areas. The goal is to the daily safe operation and running of your business.
Thus, electricians repair and maintain faulty electrical equipment in the commercial
areas. They fix electrical disruptions with great expertise to avoid disrupting your

Examples of commercial electrical services are:

  • Diagnosis and repair
  • Circuit installation
  • Fire alarm systems
  • Electrical improvements
  • Electrical safety and security
  • Energy savings and audits
  • Electrical system maintenance

Industrial Electrical Service

Industrial services cover medium and heavy electrical services for industries. List of
electrical services for industries include:

  • Preventive maintenance programs
  • Lighting retrofits
  • Energy saving analysis
  • Compressed air survey
  • Electrical machine installation
  •  Power distribution
  • Emergency call out services

This service gives you access to professional electricians during emergencies. It is a
24/7 service with the aim to help you in situations of dangerous occurrences. Thus, it
gives you absolute peace of mind knowing you have access to professional electricians
24/7. Hence, this service meets your electrical needs in times of emergency. This
service covers residential, commercial, and industrial Electrical Service areas.

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